Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Plantar's adventures

Plantar fascia was a man and this his adventures.

It was the start of the century and plantar fascia was in charge of his very own army. This army was big very big. It was important that plantar fascia should inflict as much pain on his enemies as possible.
Anyway apart from from being a commander plantar was a fast runner... even faster then most people. This being said plantar's success was due to the fact that he could run very fast all because he wore special sports insoles to do this.
Okay so we now know about this story... where is it going?
Right plantar must destroy the rest of the enemy army's in time if he and his soldiers are going survive or not.
But ironically because the soldiers where walking for such long distance without rest the soldiers all got plantar faciitis.

So that mean the enemy soldiers could sneak up on them and kill them.

The man who kept on walking

It was like any other day really, apathy everywhere like usual. The government had won, with years of propaganda and brain washing behind there belts the nation was now under there control.
Chaos had engulfed the poorer streets, manic and depression a epidemic just like starvation. Just how the governments like it.
I was one of the lucky ones, meaning I had a job. If you could call it that... Do you want to know what i do? No well im gonna tell you anyway, I might as well  Well my whole job role is basically a monkey on a type writer, filling in the blanks... my job basically is writing articles to feed a search engine bot, confused? Me too. The whole purpose of my job is to create articles that will never be read by anyone except by a computer, doing this will make the company's website higher on the search engines to be found by the consumers. Pointless. But since the internet has swollen up the entire retail sector it is the only way.

So today I got ready to go to my job... everything was going as normal. I waited for the bus to pick me up. I got on the bus, looked around and what do you know? The same people who where on the bus the day before and the days before that where there. How random.

Stepping off the bus I then began the walk to my office... where the hours of mindlessness will once again start again in the cycle that never stopped in the first place.
Usually I would get to the door and push by accident when the sign obviously says pull and I eventually get in... Nobody else has a brain left in the building... just me, so "hello's" and "good mornings" dont exist.

But today, I didn't go in the office. I ignored the office door and kept on walking down the sidewalk instead. I had never been down the street past the office before.. never seen what was down there or had cared before, but i guess I had enough...

What i plane to do! Write short story's on my blog.

Okay i have started this blog too not only write interesting blog posts about real life stuff but also to post my story's that I have written... small short story's.

The first one i will be writing and posting on this blog will be called The man who kept on walking.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Shoe lifts all you need to grow taller

With a pair of height increasing insoles it is all you really need to gain that extra little bit of height that can make a big difference in your confidence. trust me i know. Anyway for all you readers of my blog let me tell you a bit more about them. Shoe lifts or sometimes known also as heel lifts and can as well .. be names as height increasing insoles provide people with a affordable and actual way to grow taller that doesn't require a whole loads of effort (well really non at all is required) and also it isn't painful or risky like surgery is.
Height increasing insoles can be bought online, and will get working on increasing your height as soon as you put them on. It is up to you how tall you want to be with the adjustable feature that works with stack on the height increasing insoles some clever people also slowly increase there height as well to make people just think that they are gradually growing rather than wearing shoe lifts.
These insoles can make you grow taller, and takes away alot of the effort that is often required in other ways such as exercise.
So if your look for both a effective and cost effective plus efficient and comfortable way to grow taller you now know what to buy don't you?
Well that's my top tip for the day... also you can read more on this here if you want.